A Day in Brisbane

For our last day based at Bribie Island we drove down to Brisbane. We met an old friend of ours, Rex, who we had travelled around India with back in 2013. Most years he comes down to the Australian Open tennis in Melbourne and we meet up. So we thought it was time we visited him on his home turf. We met at a northern suburbs shopping centre where we parked our car. He was happy to be our tour guide for the day. We drove into the city and parked near Southbank. Next we went for a stroll along the riverside, stopping for a cool drink at one point.

After that Rex suggested one of the best ways to see this part of Brisbane was actually from the water. As water buses are cheap we jumped on one and headed off.

It took about an hour to reach the end of the route. We stayed onboard for the return journey having a nice chat and catching up, enjoying the sights along the way.

Back at our starting point we disembarked and walked into the city to find a cafe for a late lunch. Time was moving on so we walked back over the river to wards the car park. Along the way we came upon this colourful Brisbane sign, ideal for a photo stop.

We asked another tourist to take a snap of the three of us.

On our way back to where our car was parked at the suburban shopping centre Rex, (who is a retired builder,) showed us a few of the houses he had built and lived in over the years. Very interesting. It had been an really enjoyable day and wonderful to have a local as our tour guide.

Next we headed home with a three night, four day road trip. Little did we know then that a virus would stop us from travelling in our caravan for over 18 months.

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