Yeppoon – Day 2

When you think you have escaped bad weather, hearing rain on the caravan roof isn’t what you want to hear. Fortunately by the next morning it had stopped. We had read on the caravan park information board there was a market in nearby Emu Park so after breakfast we drove down to Emu Park. We found a carpark and walked towards the park area where the market was supposed to be. We couldn’t see anything so continued our walk. There weren’t too many people around. The first couple we came upon looked equally lost. We said, ‘G’day, are you looking for the market?’ and as it turned out they were too. Next up another couple came along and after asking them we received the reply that due to the bad weather overnight and earlier that morning the market was cancelled. Just then it began to drizzle rain. The couple we had bumped into initially commented to us, ‘Looks like it’s time for a hot drink, do you want to join us?’ ‘Why not,” we replied. However as we walked along the main shopping strip we discovered lots of others had the same idea. Eventually we did find a cafe that wasn’t quite so full. We ordered our drinks and a muffin but seats were hard to come by. We noticed a lounge area with six seats and only two people there, so after looking plaintively at them, they fortunately took the hint and said to sit down with them. Over the next hour or so we had a great chat. All three couples were caravanning and we were all from somewhere in the Melbourne metro area. As time went by we noticed the weather had improved. So we said our farewells and headed out. There was a boardwalk leading to a viewpoint so we thought we might as well do the short walk there.

As you can see in the distance there was a good view out to Great Keppel Island. It was a shame about the weather. The boardwalk continued in a loop so we continued to follow it. There was a small memorial to fallen servicemen and women and also some very effective metal silhouette sculptures.

It began to drizzle rain again so we hurriedly made our way back to our car and drove back to our caravan for lunch. The rain persisted for quite a while so we ended up just reading that afternoon. Whilst eating dinner that night we noticed that the weather forecast for the next day was a return to sunnier weather so we took the time to plan a day trip north to Byfield State Forest. More about that next post.

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