Weekend away at Cape Paterson

Now that we are retired and no longer teach we can take our caravan away before or after school holidays. Cape Paterson is on the southern coast of west Gippsland and we planned to meet up with friends at the caravan park there. Our trip down on the Friday, after lunching at home, took us north to Baxter and east to Tooradin, where we joined the M420 to Phillip Island but I missed the turnoff down the South Gippsland Highway so ended up taking a country backroads route through Kongwak and Inverloch. So it took a little longer than originally planned but we arrived late afternoon and had plenty of time to set up the caravan on the site next to our friends. By this stage  it was time for ‘sundowners’. Over a beer, a wine and a cup of tea the four of us chatted for a while. Next we headed to the barbecue and cooked up dinner. After dinner we chatted again before taking an early night with the nearby calming sound of the ocean waves.

The next morning after breakfast we took a walk along the beach which backed onto the caravan park. To the right (west) this was the view.This was the view to the left (east).We decided to head to the left, passing a rocky outcrop in the middle.Further along the waves were crashing onto the shoreline.After some time we came to a rocky area at the far end of the beach.We continued on doing a bit of a rock scramble here and there.The sand gradually disappeared and we were soon walking entirely over rocks.

It became clear it was going to be difficult to continue as we felt the tide was coming in so we began our return walk.It was interesting to observe the air bubbles in the volcanic rock.As we came to the rocky platform in the middle the waves were starting to provide a spectacular show.In some of the rock-pools it was interesting to look at the plant life and small sea creatures.Returning to where we had started we left the beach via the path back to the caravan park where we set up for lunch. After lunch we were looking for a bit of a relax. It was at this point we realised neither of us had brought a book with us to read so into the Hilux we hopped and drove into nearby Wonthaggi. On the corner of McBride Ave you can find the Ramalama Book Exchange and fortunately even though it was mid Saturday afternoon it was still open. It’s an old house converted into a book shop. Each room has something to offer. Having both found a book, and in Karen’s case a couple of magazines too, we headed back to the caravan park and sat reading for a while. 
After a hot shower and a bit of a spruce up we walked along the road to the Cape Paterson Tavern for dinner. On arrival we realised it had been a good idea to book a table as the tavern was jammed. Choosing a beer from the many on tap, was a challenge but the barman made it easier by offering us a small tasting of two or three before we made our final choice. Dinner was good and we enjoyed chatting before walking back to the caravan park just as dusk was arriving. Daylight savings time certainly offers some advantages. 

After another good night’s sleep with the sound of waves to lullaby us to sleep we awoke for a leisurely breakfast before packing up and heading home, this time via the coast road through Wonthaggi and Kilcunda until we joined the road from Phillip Island. If you want a quiet place to stay then Cape Paterson comes with our recommendation.

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