Eastward bound to Kalgoorlie

After a week in Perth we hooked up the caravan and started the drive east, which would eventually bring us back home. First day we drove just under 400 kms to the little wheatbelt town of Southern Cross, passing through a succession of small towns including Northam, Meckering, Tammin and Merredin. We stayed at the little caravan park there for the night, parked under a lovely Eucalypt.The next morning we headed off towards Kalgoorlie.By early afternoon we had reached Kalgoorlie Goldfields caravan park, set up and eaten lunch. We headed off to do a short walk around the Arboretum Walk Trail. Along the way there were a number of information boards. One of them told us about Eucalyptus brockwayi (Dundas mahogany), which had been planted here as part of a land rehabilitation scheme.We also spotted Senna in bloomas well as some Eremophilas.

Next we stopped at the Tourist Information Centre in the grand old Town Hall building in the middle of town. Here I registered to do the Nullabor Links, the world’s longest golf course. Out to the very impressive golf course we drove. The first two holes of the Nullabor Links are at this course. The holes beautifully manicured but the rough is just bare desert sand. Here are a couple of snaps. I will be posting a couple of separate posts about this at a later time, rather than boring non-golfers now.

After that we drove out to the Super Pit gold mine. It is certainly supersized. In this photo you may be able to spot some tiny dots on the roads. In actuality they’re huge trucks and 4WD vehicles.Here’s a close up shot.Up at the viewing point we read this information boardand checked out this ‘bucket’ which was more than twice our height.By this time it was close to sunset so we drove back down the main street of  Boulder, (Kalgoorlie’s twin town) with all its old well preserved buildings, to the caravan park.

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