Kalbarri National Park, Day 2

Just as well we like to sleep with the rain on the caravan roof because we certainly had plenty during our second night in Kalbarri. After breakfast we headed over the road to the Kalbarri foreshore area. Every day the local pelicans are given a small amount of fish to start their day. Needless to say it was popular with tourists as well as the pelicans.Those that were late certainly needed to hurry up or they would miss out. Just as well it took some of the tourists a while to build up courage to feed a pelican a fish.

Feeding time over we returned to the caravan and made a few sandwiches to take for a picnic lunch. Off we headed to the inland section of the Kalbarri National Park.  Not long after turning in to the park we noticed this beautiful banksia so we made a quick photo stop.

Banksia prionotes

Even though it’s flowers were much smaller we also found this little beauty.Driving on we came to a t-intersection. We chose the right turn and drove towards the Z Bend River Trail carpark. The weather looked threatening so we made sure we put our coats in our daypacks before setting off along the trail to the lookout over the Z bend in the Murchison River. Along the way we made many stops to check out the beautiful flowers.

We were most impressed to see this stunning Grevillea petrophiloides sub. magnifica in bloom.

We’d love to know what this spectacular one is.

After a while we came to this bridge leading to the lookout.

Here’s the view we saw of part of the Z bend.From there we continued walking. The trail down to the actual river had a harder rating but we felt it would be okay. It started with steps leading down.When they ended we had to do a boulder scramble.This was followed by a ladder descent.More stepsfollowed by another rock scramble and we were finally at the river. Here’s the view of the Z bend in both directions.

Only one other couple had made their way down to the river so we almost had it to ourselves. However we were able to take it in turns to photograph each other.After the ascent back up following the same route we made our way to the picnic area for lunch. Sadly it started to rain so we ended up with about a dozen of us sheltering undercover whilst eating. The rain eased up after a while so we took in the view below us from a nearby lookout.I suspect the sandy beach would be popular on warmer days but the weather was not a swimming day.One of the other highlights here is a rock formation named ‘Nature’s Window’ so we took the steps down towards it. Sadly misty rain started just as we came to it so our view was a bit hazy.

A few other intrepid visitors were taking photos at the Nature’s Window viewpoint. One of them offered to take our photo; an offer we quickly accepted. You can see a few rain spots were on the lens.

Here is the Instagrammable view looking through the ‘window’.It’s a shame that the weather was so poor.We made our way back to the picnic area carefully as the trail was now quite tricky due to the rain.We would have liked to do the rim walk but the conditions didn’t seem safe. We hope to return sometime in the future to do that. After waiting in our car for the rain to ease for a while we decided to make our way back to our caravan in Kalbarri. Along the way we spotted a few unusual plants. The first is a Xanthorrhoea.I’m pretty sure the next one is a Calothamnus blepharospermus.The next one had most unusual fruits on  it, well at least I think they are fruits, rather than seed pods or flowers. It’s a Xylomelum angustifolium, the sandplain woody pear. Fascinating looking.The final one was the stunning Grevillea magnifica.Back at the caravan we read for a while until the rain eased up. I had my golf clubs with me and decided to go out to the golf course. My uncle and aunt had holidayed here over many winters and had enjoyed golf and bowls here. I was made most welcome and played in the club’s Friday afternoon social competition. As you can see we weren’t the only ones enjoying the course.Afterwards Karen and I went into the clubhouse for a drink and a chat with the friendly golfers before heading back to the caravan park for dinner. We hoped the weather the next day would be better as we headed south again.

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