Let the wildflowers begin

In theory it was only about two and a half hours drive south to Carnarvon from Coral Bay but it ended up taking us quite a bit longer due to the frequent stops we made, mostly to check out the beautiful wildflowers. However our first stop of the day was at the Tropic of Capricorn line of latitude. Unlike in Queensland where it’s right in the town centre of Rockhampton there was only an unkempt sign here.

Soon after we stopped to take a closer look at this row of acacias along the roadside which were in beautiful bloom.

Next up were masses of white rice paper flowers

as well as purple daisies. (Perhaps Brachyscome ciliocarpa)

Further down the road we spotted these purple pea flowers (one of the Swainsona family I’m guessing.)

As we came closer to Carnarvon more splashes of white and masses of yellow could be seen.

Here’s a close up shot.

More about our time based in Carnarvon up next post!


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