Yardie Creek Gorge – Cape Range National Park

After walking in Charles Knife Gorge on the inland side of Cape Range National Park the following day we drove from Exmouth up and around the tip, past the lighthouse to the sea side of the national park. At the southern end of the sealed road we could access Yardie Creek Gorge, the only gorge that meets the sea. After parking the car we began our walk on a sealed section of path. Very soon we saw some lovely wildflowers

Acacia bivenosa
(Two-nerved wattle)

It wasn’t long before we saw birds as wellincluding this sea eagle from a distance. After a while the path became more difficult.The views were definitely worth the effort.On the far side of the gorge we spotted birds nesting in the nooks and crannies of the rock face. The tell tale white excrement marks on the red rock giving them away. The trail continued upward until we came to the final point where we could see water end.We continued to be amazed at how such beautiful plants managed to grow in such harsh, rocky conditions.

A Corchorus, not sure which one.
Indigofera rugosa (Wrinkled indigo)
Plumbago zeylanica (Native plumbago)
Scaevola cunninghamii (Fleshy leaved fanflower)

Although not all survived in the long run.We didn’t run into many other walkers along the trail once the sealed section ended but one couple was happy to exchange photo opportunities with us.Perhaps most visitors preferred to take the boat trip option but we were well pleased to have taken the trail to see the amazing landscapeand the beautiful wildflowers.

Solanum lasiophyllum
(Flannel Bush)

On the way back to Exmouth we were happy to stop for a visit to the spectacular Turquoise bay.

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