Tom Price’s Mt Nameless / Jarndunmunha

I’ll start this post with a trivia fact – Tom Price is Western Australia’s highest town at 747m.  Sitting just out of town and above it is Mt Nameless / Jarndunmunha at 1128m.

After our morning mine tour at lunch back at the caravan we decided we would head out to Mt Nameless / Jarndunmunha and do a bit of a walk. As we exited the caravan park we noticed these beautiful Sturt’s Desert pea plants in flower. Given we had driven in and out quite a few times we were surprised we hadn’t noticed them before now.The road out to Mt Nameless / Jarndunmunha was an unsealed gravel track. Pretty soon we came to a carpark.Given that the road had narrowed dramatically we decided to park the Hilux and continue on foot. However on getting out of the car we noticed a few bright wildflowers nearby. Karen decided to take a photograph of them.

Karijini yellow pea (Gompholobium karijini)

As I came across to look more closely I commented that there were quite a few more wildflowers to be seen in the immediate area. Where possible I have identified and labelled the photos but there are quite a few I haven’t been able to identify so if anyone reading this post can help that would be appreciated.

Sticky lantern flower (Abutilon lepidum)

We had heard about the Mulla Mulla so we were especially pleased to find a couple of different varieties here too.

Dark Mulla Mulla (Ptilotus carinatus)


Pussy bluebush (Maireana melanocoma)

However the further we looked and the longer we stayed the more different Aussie native wildflowers we found.It was amazing to see what can grow in such rocky terrain.

Anyhow, after about forty minutes just looking at wildflowers and photographically recording what we had seen we started our walk up the track. The reddish grey rock formations were stunning.

The contrast between the rock and the grasses was stark, giving the grasses an almost ghostly appearance.

After a while we ended up doing a bit of a rock scramble.

It’s fascinating to see grasses and plants growing up from within such rocky terrain.

Some of the rock surface was particularly smooth and I just loved the patterns in them.

By now it was after five o’clock and the shadows were lengthening so time had beaten us. 

We returned to the car and drove back down to our caravan. Reaching the top of Mt Nameless / Jarndunmunha will have to be another walk on our next trip to the Pilbara.

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