On the Road Again – From the Bungle Bungles to Fitzroy Crossing

Our time at the Bungle Bungles was at an end so we hooked up the caravan and were back on the road again. The first day we made a relatively short trip as far as a popular free camping area at Mary River. We arrived about lunchtime and found a good spot.

After lunch we had a walk around the area. It was certainly dry but at least there was a bit of shade for the cattle grazing nearby.

However the small amount of water in the river was clearly dropping quickly.

Amazingly we managed to find a few plants in flower.

The following day we continued on, as we had discovered that there were almost 100 other vans at Mary River by the time darkness came.

We came to another free camping/rest area at Ngumban Cliff where we took a break from the driving. It was certainly dry here too and seemingly no shelter from trees.

However again there was an impressive display of native flora to be found from the many low lying shrubs.

From there we drove the remaining distance through Halls Creek to Fitzroy Crossing which was to be our next overnight stop.

Once we had set up the caravan at the Crossing Inn we had lunch before setting off to explore the area. The main attraction seemed to be Geike Gorge. On our drive out there we stopped at a river crossing. The river was lacking water here, that’s for sure.

Once we reached Geike Gorge we parked our vehicle and visited the information desk where we received a map of the walks in the area. Another couple were doing the same so we joined up with them for a walk.There weren’t a lot of wildflowers to be seen as we walked but we did find these two.This one even had a small visitor!After completing the loop walk we walked down to the river. Here at the gorge there was a lot more water. A few times a day you could book a cruise down the gorge but it was a bit late for that now. Besides, we had already taken a gorge cruise back at Katherine so we were happy just to see this end of the gorge from the river bank.We drove back into the town and grabbed a few supplies for the next day at the IGA supermarket before returning to the caravan park. Sadly we discovered the quiet little caravan park was also hosting a road crew with lots of machinery parked on the adjoining roadside. That wasn’t the only problem. On her way to the showers Karen encountered an unwelcome visitor making it tricky to enter the Ladies!

Anyway we found an alternate amenity block, showered and changed and headed back into town for dinner. One of Karen’s former colleagues was teaching at a nearby remote school and had invited us over for dinner which turned out to be a fun night. The next day our slumber was disturbed early by the road crews warming up their trucks. Just as well we were moving on to Derby.

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