Lake Argyle Bluff Walk

After finishing lunch we changed into our bathers and headed down to the pool. One of the girls at reception had said the pool might have a great view but it was too cold to stay in for very long and it was better to swim in the lake. You just had to take the track down to the lake at the back of the resort. She said it was about 18 degrees in the pool but nearer to 24 in the lake. Anyhow I had to test the pool out for myself. Yes it was a fantastic view but way too cold to stay in for very long. Time to take a photo and out quickly!

From the pool we took Jesse’s Trail down to the lake.


About two-thirds of the way down the rough track we could see that the swimming area wasn’t very crowded.

As it turned out the only other people at the lake were just coming out of the water so we soon had this part of the lake to ourselves. As you can see the water was really clear. The underwater vegetation was very healthy and lots of little fish could be seen, although they darted off once we were in the water.

After cooling off for a while we walked back up the hill to the caravan and changed. To finish the day we were going to take the walk to the Bluff in time for sunset.


Early on we were down low in the midst of quite a few low lying tree and shrubs but eventually we came to a point on the other side where we could see the lake again.

After about another fifteen minutes we lost the trail and had to backtrack a bit but finally came to a t-intersection and saw this sign so we knew we were heading in the right direction.

The path rose and dipped quite a bit and we were pleased to be in shadows as it was still quite hot.

As the shadows grew we started to doubt if we could make the Bluff in time but seeing the water again gave us renewed confidence.

We moved at a quicker pace and soon reached the marker at the top of the Bluff.

The view of the lake was brilliant. Even with heavy shadows close up the contrast between the sky, the land and the lake in the distance was striking.

Across to our right the sun was dipping behind the hill

so we made our way back hastily in the fading light so we wouldn’t be walking in the dark.

After a quick shower we relaxed and enjoyed eating a delicious roast dinner in the outdoor restaurant area.

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