Another day in Litchfield

Day 25, Big Caravan Trip
Took a leisurely breakfast before driving along to Florence Falls. After parking we took the stairs down to Florence Falls,stopping for some photos of the wonderful views at a landing on the way down. At the bottom of the stairs we realised we should have left earlier as there was a boisterous school group there. Decided not to stay.  So did the creek walk. This was very peaceful by comparison with lovely rainforest to walk through. After stopping a few times as we crossed over the creek we headed back up to our Hilux. Drove the 2 kms up the road to Buley Waterholes. We started at the bottom. Karen tried out the first pool but it wasn’t long before we had quite a few others joining her so moved up along the trail to a higher and less populated pool.
After a while there we headed up higher still to yet another area with a few smaller pools together. We sat in one and relaxed until we became hungry. All this relaxing gives you an appetite! Dried off and ate our lunch at our car.

From Buley we drove to the giant termite mounds. The signboards informed us there are two different types of termites here. One type build so the mound is thin on the north-south line to avoid being cooked in the heat. The other type build cathedral style. We saw a huge cathedral mound, at least 5-6 metres high. As you can see it dwarfed Karen.
Feeling the heat as we admired the termite mounds we returned to the caravan park to cool off. Karen swam while I had a water jet massage.  As it was our last night in Litchfield we ate dinner in the cafe. Karen ate a haloumi burger and I ate a chicken schnitzel. Chatted with several others on nearby tables doing the same. A fun way to end our time in Litchfield.

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