Edith Falls

As we drove north from Katherine towards Litchfield National Park we made a short detour out to another part of Nitmiluk National Park, Edith Falls. You can actually take your caravan or pitch a tent but you need to be early as bookings aren’t taken. Anyway we were happy just to stop for a few hours and walk to, and around, the falls. Given we had a limited amount of time we chose the walk to the upper falls.

After walking up for a while we came to our first viewpoint of the falls.

From there we descended down closer to the falls and a swimming area below it.We could also see the water heading further downwards over another rocky section.The terrain was quite beautiful.

At this stage we crossed the stream by rock hopping and began another descent to a higher viewpoint, Bemang Lookout.From there we could see both the upper and lower falls.The pool beneath the lower falls was quite popular with swimmers.As usual we discovered a few flowers in bloom as we walked.

The walk concluded when we crossed a bridge over the stream.After a drink we headed off to our next destination, Litchfield National Park.

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