Kings Creek Cattle Station

Day 11– Friday June 1st Yulara to Kings Creek Cattle Station
Another freezing cold morning. In fact so cold there were patches of white frost on the grass behind our caravan. After breakfast we packed up the caravan and headed off to refill fuel and check our tyre pressures, which was a good idea as they were down in a couple of instances. Back along the Road towards Erldunda we drove. Apart from stretches of roadworks it wasn’t a particularly interesting drive although we started to see something unusual along the road fringe. They looked like balls about the size of a tennis ball. After a while we found a place we could pull over safely and investigate more closely.

In in fact they were very small melons.

Karen even found one that had been partly broken open.

Mystery solved we drove on. After a while we came to the turn off down to Kings Canyon. The further we drove the more of a ridge we could see out to our right.

By early afternoon we had arrived at Kings Creek Cattle Station where we would be based for the next two nights. They run about a thousand head of both beef cattle and camels as well as a roadhouse and camping area. Sadly, unless you chose to do a quad bike ride there didn’t seem to be any opportunity to look around the property and find out more than was on posters in the cafe.

We checked in and were allocated a powered site with an adjoining open roofed shed with a kitchen sink and picnic table. As you can see it was very much a red dust bowl. It was reasonably private but just down the track was a school group from Ballarat, in our home state.

After setting up we took a late lunch and rested for a while. Later in the afternoon we explored the camping area which was huge. Apart from the school group there were about fifteen or so other caravans and tents. At this point we took advantage of the warm weather and the washing machine and caught up on some laundry and put it out to dry.

Later in the afternoon we took another walk in a different direction for a nice view.

For dinner we ate in the roadhouse cafe. Karen ate a veggie burger whilst I tried one of their camel burgers, made from minced camel meat. Quite good I thought. Later on we were spoilt with the most amazing view of the night sky. There was a definite advantage to being in a location with no street lights. Just fantastic. Sadly our camera isn’t one that you can set longer exposure times on so I can’t share the sky view with you.


2 thoughts on “Kings Creek Cattle Station

  1. Oh yes, clear night skies where there are no city lights … those are the best! We’ve just experienced it on our trip to the Karoo as well and it’s quite amazing!
    A camel burger … never tasted one of those …


    1. The night skies away from city or towns are amazing. Now I have a better camera I am aiming to take some night sky shots when we head up to the outback of NSW and QLD soon. As for the camel burger, well worth a try.

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