Uluru and the Field of Lights

After eating breakfast and packing up the van we filled up on diesel and set off on our day 8 drive along the Lassiter Highway from Erldunda to Yulara. It didn’t take too long and Mt Connor came into view on our left.

The drive continued for some time

until eventually we sighted Kata Tjuta ( the Olgas)

and Uluru

for the first time. On arrival at the Yulara Resort camping ground we checked in. It was a bit strange because they directed us to the non powered side of the camping area but sure enough way up the back there were six powered sites and one of them was our very dusty caravan site! Not what Karen had in mind! Anyway we set up the van, did a quick walk around before we ate lunch and rested for a while. Later in the afternoon we took a drive out to Uluru passing a very large, colourful blimp on the way.

At the Cultural Centre we had a good chat with the ranger who gave us what proved to be some good tips. We had a look around the information boards in the Cultural Centre for a while before heading to the sunset viewing area about an hour before sunset.

Went to the far end of the carpark as the ranger had suggested and backed in. I set up our campchairs on the back of the ute for an elevated view of sunset. It was interesting how the setting of the sun and the fading light changed the colour of Uluru.

After taking many many more photos we packed up the chairs and started the drive back to the caravan park. About half way there we noticed most drivers pulling over again. The reason –

now the rising moon was adding to the scene.

Back at our caravan we prepared for a BBQ tea. Once that was over we gathered some warmer clothing for our night tour of the Field of Lights exhibition. (A good move as it was really quite cold out there.) Next we walked through the camping area and waited with about a dozen others at the bus stop. Sure enough along came our bus and we went on board. The bus stopped at a couple of hotels before heading out to the Field of Lights.

On our arrival we were met by a guide. He explained a few things about the display and the artist who created it with his team of electricians, technicians and even a few volunteers. At this point we were free to walk the long or short trail through the display.

Our guide mentioned how hard it was for visitors to take photos and even though I’ve included a few I would agree it was better to just walk the trail and enjoy the ever changing coloured lights.

My main disappointment was the fact that you only had about forty-five minutes to enjoy it before the bus took us back to wherever we were staying.

That’s about a dollar a minute! Anyway, still pleased we did it.

2 thoughts on “Uluru and the Field of Lights

  1. I was waiting for your well-known Uluru … and your photo’s did not disappoint! And yes, the moon next to Uluru just added to the beauty of this monolith. Am I right that people are not allowed to climb Uluru anymore?


    1. That’s correct, climbing the rock is now forbidden as it is a sacred sight to the local indigenous people. Having walked around it once I think I would choose to ride a mountain bike next time. Seeing it at different times of the day offers a variety of photo opportunities too. Cheers

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