Coober Pedy

Managed a bit of a Sunday sleep-in as we were staying in Coober Pedy for another night. After breakfast we drove through the town to the Catacomb Church.

A few others were arriving for the 9:30 service. We were welcomed by one of the locals

and found a seat easily. As it turned out there were about ten visitors, like us, and only about 8 or 9 locals. Two of the locals were acting as lay preachers and took the service. They were supported by video and sound on a laptop connected to a data projector. About twenty minutes into the service they stopped for a cup of tea or coffee and morning tea. This enabled everyone to have a bit of a chat. After that the service continued with a sermon, some more prayers and a couple of hymns.

After church we drove off to explore the town. First up we visited the Opal Cave,

which apart from a nice display was really just an opal jewellery store. From there we drove up to the Big Winch

and the town view lookout.

There were certainly many dirt heaps left over from the many exhaustive searches for opals that people had made over the years. We walked past a sign for some underground accommodation

next on our way into the Umoona Tourist mine and museum. Inside there were information boards about the history of opal mining in the area and a wonderful mural.

The next tour was later that afternoon so we moved on. Outside there were some metal sculptures

and some old mining machinery.

I think this one near the Big Winch may have been used in one of the Mad Max movies.

By now it was lunchtime so we headed back to our caravan for a leisurely lunch and a rest. Later in the afternoon we went into the Opal Bar and watched the football, a crushing win to our team, Melbourne Demons over the Adelaide Crows. Certainly enjoyed the footy and a couple of beers. In the late afternoon another thunderstorm was looming so I quickly barbecued some burgers for tea, finishing just as some lightning came, followed by a loud thunderclap or two and another dust settling shower of rain. Amazingly, rain both nights we were in Coober Pedy.

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