Port Augusta to Woomera and beyond

As we had only a short distance to travel we made a more leisurely start to the day. Just before check out time of 10:00 we were on our way. The terrain was very dry with mostly low lying vegetation. From time to time we passed large plateaus

as we drove along the mostly straight road.

At the Ranges View rest area

we stopped to stretch and take in the view of the Flinders Ranges in the distance to the east.

After about another hour we came to a rest stop with the camera symbol indicating something of interest. In the distance was a dry salt lake with a small mountain in the middle. The contrast between the white of the lake and the iron red of the mountain was striking.

We continued on and quickly reached Woomera where we checked into the caravan park. The weather was a bit warmer so we put up our awning (with some guidance from our neighbour). Lunch was in the van.

After chatting with our newly arrived neighbours we headed into town and a very quiet town it was. First up we went into the Tourist Information Centre. They have a small history museum which rightly gives much of the credit for the surveying and exploration of this area to Len Beadell. It made interesting reading and viewing.

There was even a short ABC TV documentary on a screen to view. Sadly the adjoining interactive museum dealing with the historical use of the Woomera base for military and space purposes was closed. Apparently it is run by a volunteer and she has unfortunately not been in good health.

So we headed back outside. On the opposite side of the main street was an outdoor museum displaying various aircraft,


Blue Steel – British air to ground missile, tested at Woomera from 1956-64.

and small rockets used over the years at the Woomera base. Very interesting to look at.

Black Arrow – a small British rocket designed to carry satellites into space.

Back at the caravan park we chatted a bit more with our neighbours before having dinner in the van, reading and relaxing.

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