Bound for South Australia.

Day 2 of our Big Caravan Trip

After an excellent night’s sleep in our caravan we got up and ate breakfast before packing up and hitting the road again. It didn’t take that long to reach the Victoria-South Australia state border. It was farewell to Victoria for the next three months or so.

State borders aside, this was still farming country and the stacks of hay bales reminded us of that as we drove along.

Our first stop was the very arty farming town of Coonalpyn. First up was a lovely mosaic on a wall outside the public toilets.

Secondly there was a tunnel going under the railway line with a multitude of murals painted by school children and townsfolk. However the ‘big’ art feature of Coonalpyn is the silo art and I do mean BIG.

Artist Guido van Helten created this amazing artwork over six weeks in 2017. Initially taking photos of the town and its people he decided to paint five children. Using a boom lift he initially set up a grid before using 200 cans of spray paint plus acrylic paint applied using a brush and sprayers to create the silo artwork over a period of six weeks. It is impressive you’ll agree.

After moving around to view it from all sides we continued driving. We stopped for lunch along the way, making sandwiches in our caravan. The afternoon saw us cross the mighty Murray River at the aptly named town of Murray Bridge.

I really had to concentrate as it was a very narrow bridge.

From there we left the main Melbourne – Adelaide highway and headed north-west on some country roads through some interesting terrain. The boulders would have made it hard for the farmers to clear the land for farming.

Eventually we passed through the fringes of the Barossa Valley before reaching Gawler, our stop for the night. We stayed at the well run Gawler Caravan Park. Karen had her first go at backing the caravan in and did it first go to her combined relief and pleasure.

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